Mr Iphone Knows “Best”

Technology!  99% of the time its an amazing thing, the other 1% of the time it does my head in.  This morning was that 1%

Yesterday was the start of daylight savings, so I dutifully changed the clocks the night before so that I was on the “new time” when I woke up.  Well Mr Iphone obviously thinks that changing the time is beyond my capability because last night when it did the update, it amended the time on my iphone forward an hour.  Suffice to say It woke me an hour early this morning and I turned up to Lavinia’s for our walk and wondered why it was all dark at her place, till I glanced at my watch and clicked.  Urgh!

So cardio I did alone (I wasn’t mean enough to wake her up), and I drove into work and did an hour long circuit up and around the hospital (which made me teary, because I thought of my Poppa tucked up in his hospital bed, hopefully getting some sleep).

Anyhoo … I’m having quite a hard time of it.  My heart just doesn’t seem to be in it anymore and I really “don’t care” if I compete, actually if I tell the truth I don’t want to compete but after a heart to heart with Lavinia I promised her I’d give it one more week (she seems to think Im just overwhelmed after the past few days and things will settle down).  So we shall see.

Oh and I broke my iphone … it just goes from bad to worse really, another insurance claim coming up.

That’s all for today … check back tomorrow, I’m sure things will be brighter 😉

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