Feeling the love

First up today – huge thumbs up to all of you!

I love reading your comments/emails/tweets about how you are all up for taking on new challenges and are willing to incorporate new exercises into your regime and I am so proud of how you will all give anything a go.


Even after I lament about how I hate burpees a number of you out in blog land thought;

  • What is a burpee?

Then upon finding out what a burpee is your second thought was’

  • Doesn’t look that bad .. I’ll give it a go!

You guys rock (especially you Mel) 🙂

So thanks to myself and the incredible Ms Donloree @ Bikini or Bust there are a number of you who are in the process of completing either the


and some are super crazy and are doing both.

Kia Kaha – Keep strong people and have fun!  Feel free to email me or leave a comment on the FB page and tell me how much you are loving burpees and shredmills. 😉

Incidentally its week two of Fitmas (which means there are 11 weeks till Christmas) and the goal for this week is outlined on Donloree’s website Bikini or Bust – Tabita’s here we come *eek*

*Handy tip* if you can read a book, you are not doing the Tabita’s correctly 😉

In other news …

I just looked at the calender and this month I’ve got a bucket list item to complete, a weekend away with the hubby AND a quarter marathon.  Yep you read that correctly a quarter marathon *sigh* and no you haven’t missed my blogs about all the training I have done for it because I haven’t done any “specific” training *sigh*

I’m going to wing it .. like I do with most things. 😉

And yes I will probably be that red, but I can categorically state I won’t be out in front!  I should really do something about my unwavering belief that I can do these things without dying.

Till next time

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