Keeping the faith

Todays entry shall be short and sweet.

The ONLY reason I am posting today is because its Wednesday and I don’t want to answer lots of emails about what happened to the eye candy. 😉

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is up to the semi-final round and I must admit I am going to miss watching rugby every weekend (who would have thought!). On Saturday Wales play France and on Sunday the Mighty ABs play Australia to determine who will go through to the final.

Today I thought I would show you which teams I think will be playing in next weekends final by selecting a Wolf from each team ….

Richard Kahui representing the All Blacks (that would be New Zealand) and Mike Phillips representing Wales.

Now wouldn’t that be a game to watch ladies!

Richard is 190 cm tall, 101 kgs.

Mike is 191 cm tall and the same weight.  Mike incidentally goes out with Duffy .. pretty cool huh.

And a couple for the road …

Oh and before I forget my James exclaimed to me today “I’m famous! Check out the Ludus website” .. so head over and play “Where’s James” however I think this game may be harder as he doesn’t have a red striped top on like Wally to help you find him!

Till next time

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