Awesome August

Live More Awesome is a small registered NZ Charity started by Jimi Hunt & Dan Drupsteen trying to do big things for mental health.

Each year they run initiatives that raise awareness of depression and one of these “events” is the Live More Awesome Photo Challenge.

They explain in the blog why we should ALL get involved;

One, it will be fun. Two, people are happier when they show gratitude and appreciation for the things in their lives. Many studies have also shown that images are a more powerful way to do this than words. So, we made a list of 31 things to take photos of that will hopefully make you appreciate the things that you have, but also highlight some of the key things that make people happier in their lives. And three, most of us like taking photos so this is an excellent way to hone your skills with a purpose that gets you 31 interesting photos at the end of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your $5000 DSLR or your cheap camera phone, these days great pictures come from everywhere!

All 31 topics were posted prior to the 1st August and although for a lot of them I could have “copped out” and posted yet another photo of me doing a handstand, I’ve tried to refrain and think “outside of the box” after all my life is far more than just a #handstandaday I just don’t photograph it.

(Although I’ll be honest and admit that day 3 did have me upside down, some habits die hard.) 😉

From left to right – Me, Happiness, Art, It’s the little things, my passion, peace and quiet (you might want to read the explanation for that one here) and water.

As I’ve been noticeably absent around here lately I’ve decided I’d also use this challenge to kick start my blog writing again, I enjoy writing and I enjoy taking photos so it makes sense to combine the two.  So (hopefully) with #awesomeaugust in full swing, I’ll write far more consistently this month.

Today (being the 8th) is day 8 of the Live More Awesome photo challenge and the theme for today is, “Role Model” – Who out there is a really awesome influence, we’d love to meet them ..

This guy (the bigger of the two pictured that is)

When we were courting (yep I’m old enough to use that term) he used to talk about our future kids and all the things he was going to do with them and I remember thinking, if he’s even half the Dad he wants to be, he’s going to be awesome ..

Well two real kids later and I gotta say it, he’s pretty awesome. I love the way he leads by example, he’s never been that Dad that sits on the sofa while telling the kids to go outside to get some fresh air and exercise. After all, how can we as parents expect our kids to do things that we are not willing to do?

I know I don’t tell him enough .. but he’s awesome, and because he’s awesome our kids are too!

Till next time



PS – If you want to get all creative and join in the photo challenge the complete list can be found here.

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