I found out

So yesterday I was humming and harring over whether to have my measures done.  Even though my head was telling me that I couldn’t be fatter I still had a sense of doom about me.  Jo noticed straight away when she walked in to the gym, but she told me not to be silly and that we would do the measures.

And … *insert drum roll here*

I am pleased to report .. I am not fatter, I’m actually less fat than I was last week (although only marginally) .. but less fat is less fat. 🙂

After an entire week off Ludus, I was itching to get back and this morning I returned to my beloved Arena!  I have never been so happy to do 200 burpees. 🙂

As tomorrow is the first day of the Easter break, James and I will head in for a beating in the morning and then that’s all the Ludus love I will get till after I return from Christchurch because peak week starts on Sunday!  Carb depleting, water loading and Ludus would not be a great mix. 😉

So I  have a lot to fit into limited hours this holiday weekend.  Training, cardio, getting the last of my competition stuff ready, portioning up about 10 kgs of chicken for decarbing (and thats only a slight exaggeration) and posing practice with Miss Jo.  Oh and I can’t forget the  family outing to see the Wiggles (oh joy).   I suppose I should be grateful its a long weekend, I wouldn’t get everything done otherwise.


We shall all wiggle with the wiggles, can I count that as cardio?

Well I shall keep it short and sweet today …  please all have an easter egg for me because my easter has been cancelled this year.  Can you believe I have NINE more sleeps till stage day!

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Rach says:

    The Wiggles definitely counts as cardio. Have you seen ‘the wiggly medley’? JJ made me dance around to that once and it was exhausting! I am equal parts dreading and looking forward to the concert. See you there!

  2. michelle says:

    Awesome!! And good job with your measurements 🙂

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