The need to succeed

As most of you know I belong to a group fondly known as BoB.   Being that all the Bobettes are a tech savy bunch, when they compete the rest of the Bobettes are informed via the networking social sites Facebook and Twitter.  I never really understood twitter, but I fumble my way round during comp time so I can keep informed as to how the girls are going and I am S-L-O-W-L-Y working it out.

As a Twitterer I’ve become a group of fitness bloggers who plan to take over the world!  Once a month we plan to do a “group post” where we will all write about the same subject and the inaugural topic is ..

My first thought was “what do I define as success? and how do I keep motivated to reach an end goal if I don’t know what it is!”

You see most competitors seem to have a goal and this is what they use as motivation to get up each day and do what has to be done.

  1. Kari and Donloree are aiming for pro cards.
  2. Allison and Tiffany are working towards standing on stage for the first time and ..
  3. Tenecia has been aiming to place top five (which she achieved last weekend!).

Me?  Honestly?  I’m not sure …  I do this because I can?  Also what keeps me going changes for year to year, gosh it changes from day to day!

Last year I was working off all the baby weight, so I picked an end goal (to compete).  It was a clear goal, I had a fixed time frame so it was easy to put my head down and work towards the finish line.

Last year the finish line was clear.

This year .. if I’m honest, I’m doing it to prove that I belong up on that stage.

Last year I obviously didn’t look like a “real figure girl”  I didn’t have the size or the conditioning.  I lost and it hurt (bad).  I seem to work best when I’m told that I can’t do it – or that I am not good enough .. it brings out the “mongrel” in me that says “I will show you .. just you wait and see”.   That is how I got into this sport in the first place. 🙂


10 months solid work to "belong"

So I guess in the end I just want to feel like I belong … wow this could be a breakthrough!

The only problem with that .. will I ever feel like I belong?  Even when everyone else around me thinks I do?  I shall have to wait and see.

Till next time



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3 Responses

  1. michelle says:

    you look awesome – but we already knew that. I have a girl crush! Look at the difference in the pics!!!!

  2. Donloree says:

    I agree with Michelle on the girl crush and the amazingness! TOP THREE here you come!!

  3. Colleen says:

    Amazing progress you have made and after having a baby?!? you are my hero 😉

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