Seven sleeps baby!

It’s peak week people!

A mere seven sleeps, five weight training sessions, 10 cardio sessions and numerous 1/4 turns in front of the mirror until stage day.

Tomorrow I start decarbing, which is actually my least favorite part of the process .. but it also the most exciting.  I enjoy getting up each day and seeing the visual changes seeing the skin loosen up as the water comes out then seeing the muscles fill out when the carbs  come back in.

It’s kind of like Christmas.  I hope that when I peel off the wrapping paper I am pleased with the package inside, but just like Christmas, I won’t find out what is under the paper until the day!

I’m definitely bringing the best “me” ever to the stage this time around and I have made HUGE improvements since I last competed so no matter where I place I need to be proud of that.

I had posing practice with Miss Jo this morning.  She tweaked some of my poses and tried to get me to turn gracefully like a lady, mostly I’m just trying to turn without falling off the six inch heels onto my arse 😉  But I will practice, practice, and then practice some more.

Right lets get into the photos .. I guess these will be the last you will see of me in a bikini till D Day 🙂

12 Weeks vs 1 Week

And here is one more for the road …

Nearly there Julia!

On another note .. I will be upgrading my website at some stage over this holiday weekend.  So If you can’t find the website .. don’t worry I will be back!

Have a fab easter everyone!

Till next time



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