Day 5/10 – Places

This one is pretty open depending on how you choose to answer it – you could go with 6 places you’ve traveled to which could become 6 places you’ve traveled to and loved or even 6 places you’ve traveled to but didn’t really (love that is).

You could decide to list 6 places you’ve lived (should you be the jet set type – which I am not) or 6 places you can safely eat junk food where no one will see you when you’re on a diet ..

Not that I’d know anything about that BUT I do notice wrappers in James’ car so perhaps I could ask him if your interested in a blog post like that. 😉

I decided to go with ..

Baldwin Street, Dunedin – New Zealand’s (and the world’s) steepest street
I might have to do this one well before I hit 60 so that I’m still fit enough to walk up the street (or at least whilst James is still fit enough to pull me up it – because that’s how I’m going to roll when I’m old(er)).  In fact, speaking of rolling (Jaffa’s) the Cadbury Factory is also in Dunedin! win/win

The Cape Reinga lighthouse
I have a feeling that I’ve been to the Cape Reinga lighthouse, especially since I spent most of my childhood holidays in the Far North BUT I can’t remember it and I probably wouldn’t have appreciated the view anywhere near as much as I would now. I’d also think it would be pretty cool to run the length of 90 Mile Beach (although I have no idea whether this is actually geographically possible).  I’ll add that to my “I wonder if you can actually do that” list ..


The Emerald Lakes on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing
Also one I’d need to do sooner rather than later as it’s a 19.4k one way track.  In fact I might run this before next winter ..


Tiritiri Matangi
Specifically the Kokako on Tiritiri Matangi. This one I’m pretty sure even 59 year old me can cope with.


The Putangirua Pinnacles
I mean the photo says it all really ..


The Maori Carvings @ Mine Bay
How did I not know (until yesterday) that this place even existed!


I really do live in #godzone

Till next time





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