Day 4/10 – Wants

This could be SOOOOO easy, after all how many of us haven’t imagined what we’d do if we won Lotto, even if we only buy one when it’s jack-potted to some exorbitant amount that MUST be won? I certainly have.

As a side note – I’d still go to work, not only because I love my job but because (perhaps more importantly) I’d turn into a fat and lazy lump of a rich person if I didn’t have to get up and go somewhere each day. I may however splash some of my cash and employ someone to work the afternoons so I could leave at lunchtime and head out to the trails, or water or whatever other fitness type activity I happen to be partaking in at the time. #goals

Anyhow, lets get back to the matter at hand!

1. I want my Brother and his family to come home which is totally selfish as they’re well set up and settled over in Australia BUT I’d love my kids to grow up with their cousins. Oh and I’d quite like my Mum back and she’s currently staying with them, James is so much happier when their is caramel slice in the house ..

2. On that note when they come home, I’d want us all to live in wee compound so that we could all share Mum and Dad’s babysitting services and the kids could safely come and go between the houses – although that would definitely require a lotto win in today’s housing market!

3. I want my kids to always have open minds and hearts especially in light of what is currently happening around the world.

4. I want my kids to know I’ll always love them and that I’ll always respect them for standing up (or sitting down) for whatever they believe in, even if it means we stand on opposite sides.

On the fitness type front ..

5. I’d want to be able to surf, as opposed to the paddling and falling straight into the ocean that I’ve mastered so far.

6. I want to be able to do an ultra trail event (note I said able to – not actually do) .. 😉

And on a somewhat lighter note ..

7. I want a guinea pig that acts like a dog. James seems to think the only thing that acts like a dog – is well a dog, but surely not …

Till next time





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