Day 3/10 – Fears

If you read Day 1’s blog post “10 Secrets” some of my fears were laid bare, but today I guess I’ll have to come up with some more ..

8 Fears

Outside creatures inside my house – Remember the mouse incident I told you about?

Oh and on that note don’t forget about Jaws (obviously)

And that Zombie tunnel ..

But we knew about those three so let’s make the next five a little more enlightening shall we?

Snails & Slugs (although quite frankly they’re basically the same thing thought right – I mean one’s just homeless) either way I have been known to scream and run in the opposite direction whilst my 7 year old moves the offending creature for me all whilst trying to calm me down.  “It’s OK Mum.  Look I’ll just put it way over here.” Bless that boy.

Flying – I hate it, I think if God wanted me to fly he would have given me wings.  Thankfully this is not a crippling fear and I can somewhat happily fly across to the other side of the world,  apparently I’m more afraid of a tiny mouse in my hallway than falling out of the air.

Riding a bike with cleats on a road with traffic, in fact just riding a bike whilst being attached to it is pretty frightening especially, you know, if you want to stop!

That my kids will grow up to be entitled ar*e holes.  I think it’s hard for children to understand how lucky they are and I worry that they don’t fully comprehend that there are kids out there doing it so much worse.

But my biggest fear?

Donald Trump being elected President …

Till next time





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