Love is in the air

Firstly for those of you on the other side of the world ..

I hope your day has been filled with love and not too much chocolate 😉

During my day at work, I got a message from Facebook that James had written on my wall, his Valentines poem was this ..

It made me smile and I thought, owww isn’t that sweet he wrote me an ode for Valentines Day.  However when I got home from the gym the first thing I saw were these.


A Valentines Surprise

My all time favorite flowers (Gerberas) in pink, which obviously is my favorite color being a girl and all 😉  He also bought me a bottle of pink sparkling wine (Yep I have a thing for pink) .. I think I will open it up the night of my comp, hopefully it will be a celebratory drink and not one to drown out my sorrows.

Oh .. and I got a pleasant surprise last night I spied these …


I spy progress!

Apparently if you actually do abdominal exercises .. abdominals grow … who would have thought!?! 😉

Anyway I’ve had some interesting questions come in so I best get to them now ..

Good time management and a good support system!

I’m not going to lie .. what I do takes up a lot of time.  Training alone is approx three hours a day and then there are the incidentals that you need to do when in training, such as packing gym bags and preparing food and that is on top of what “normal” people do like work, caring for kidlets and housework!

I’m rather obsessive compulsive, I plan plan plan … and then I tend to stick to a routine, so I don’t really need to think about it and everyone in the house knows what is happening at what time.

Oh and I have long long long days!  I start my day before five and I fall into bed way after 10 pm .. otherwise I wouldn’t get everything done that I need too!  I honestly come to work for a rest!  Lol.

One thing I will mention, is that James makes things so much easier.  He organizes the kids dinner and bath routine, so that I can organize my food and pack my bags.  He is a star!


James takes care of the kidlets, while I take care of organising my gear

This one is easy!  Bread .. Fresh White Bread!

Keep the questions coming .. I’m enjoying seeing what you are curious about 🙂

Till next time (and we all know what Wednesday brings!)

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  1. Donloree says:

    ABS! I spy fantastic abs! I’m so jealous Julia. 😉
    You’ve got such a great support system, that is amazing.

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