Lets get going

Welcome to another week!  (Its a glorious Monday here too).

Last Monday I set myself some goals. Which were not earth shattering or even that hard, but things I really needed to do.  They were;

  1. Do at least one abdominal workout.
  2. Do either a road walk or an indoor cardio session after dinner each night.
  3. Jog the entire 5k’s in the final Albany Run Series being held this Sunday.

So ..

Number one was completed on the Monday, abs is something I dislike doing so I figured i’d get those out of the way quick smart!

Number two was relatively easy to complete.  For some reason this week I haven’t been as tired as normal … so after dinner cardio has been quite enjoyable.  Well, if you don’t count the day that Elias decided to be a grump, that day I ended up giving James the backpack and the child and told him to walk one way and I ran the other.

Number three was harder.  As you may know, I’m not a runner .. I’m not built like a runner … I don’t enjoy running and to top it off Ive been injured for what seems like forever (do calf muscles NEVER heal)??  So I was not looking forward to Sundays “run”.

However I got up feeling ok .. didn’t get as much sleep as I’d hope for the night before, but I didn’t wake up feeling knackered.  Mum looked after the kids and James and I headed off to Albany.


Looking fresh .. and check out my new Lorna Jane top!

Started out at the back of the pack, put on my ipod (listening to a fitness in motion podcast) and plodded along.  Quite surprised that I found it relatively easy for the first half .. the second half was harder.

I tried to stretch my strides out down the hills and would talk to myself going up the hills “baby steps Julia, just take baby steps”

When I reached the 4k mark I honestly didn’t think I could keep going .. my calf was playing up and it was a scorching hot morning.  But I thought .. “Julia, you wrote it down, do you really want to tell everyone you couldn’t even jog 5ks” and I kept going.

When I got to the park (which means I just need to go around the pond and over the bridge), James was waiting for me and ran with me to the finish line, he kept saying “You can do it baby .. your doing great, lets see if we can catch that lady up there”

And with James right next to me I did it!  I “ran” the entire way.


Completely shattered .. but I did it!

I finished in 33:08 which is only 7 second slower than I did the Adra course in December .. and that was flat!  Well done me!

So this weeks goals are kind of  a continuation of last weeks ones ..

  1. Do at least one ab session BUT preferably two.
  2. Get up and do early morning cardio every day this week (The last three weeks Ive only gotten up early Wed-Fri)
  3. Try out a Ludis Magnus session.

Till next time (Have a Happy Valentines Day!)


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2 Responses

  1. Donloree says:

    I’m so glad I am not the only ‘non-running’ woman out there. I HATE running. My husband is an epic runner though…he does marathons and whatnot. I love the weekly goals! I should implement this! Thanks Julia!

  2. feminine fitness says:

    James is a runner too .. maybe we should “hook them up” .. and we could enjoy coffee, instead of all this running nonsense 😉

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