Day 67 and its my last day


Back to work tomorrow ..

On the plus side I’ve been enjoying the “finer” things in life this last week of my holidays including those cute lil burgers – apparently “real” burgers are soooo yesterday if you dine in Kingsland these days 😉

Speaking of dining out, last night I met up with a group of Ludians for dinner/drinks (where I obviously had those hobbit burgers pictured) however there is more to me telling you this fact than to let you know that I sometimes go out and eat ..

You see all of the people who dined were at the Saturday Ludus session – which is incidentally where they organised the dinner and one by one as they arrived the first topic EACH person bought up (after introductions if they didn’t know someone at the table) was how there was poo and vomit on Ludus hill that day and how they crawled through, around or over it .. (it went into great descriptive depth but in case you are eating I won’t disclose it).

Apparently that proves that Ludians are more epic than crossfitters .. because they crawl through shit (literally) – love it. I’m so sad I missed that session *not*

Right one thing I didn’t miss though, was todays 67 burpees!

Also I’d just like to add for the record I won’t be demonstrating Hot Rod’s version of a pyramid burpee for you on this challenge, well actually I won’t be demonstrating it .. like .. ever .. 😉

Till next time

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