Day 68 and getting my groove on

Back to work today –

TOTALLY not jealous of those people still on holiday (and there must be a lot of them, todays picture of the day is the car park at Les Mills this morning!) and TOTALLY didn’t care that the sun was out, the heat was up and the sky was blue blue and yet more blue, nope not jealous, not jealous at all *sigh*

On a positive note I’m a part timer so I should be able to get home, knock out 68 burpees AND still have sunshine hours to enjoy the water .. I am totally in love with my life, work and all!  Work/Life balance = sorted!

Anyway last night I spent a good hour organising myself for my return to work and Day one of fit my lard arse back into my shorts.

I changed gym bags (because a change is as good as buying a new one – kind of),  I checked I had everything I needed in it, laid out my gym clothes and planned (yes like actually sat down and wrote it down) and then packed all my food, cutlery and utensils – that would make more sense if you had actually seen the lunchroom where I work – boys are messy creatures.

I then set three alarms and headed to bed, albiet still later than I usually go to bed .. it’s hard to get back into “work mode”  BUT my brain must have known that today was D Day because I woke up before my alarms – I am not saying I got up straight away .. but I was awake – no need to rush these things 😉

This morning I had booked an RPM session. So at Ludus oclock I just did some cardio and then did went and did the RPM class – my quads are still burning and I think my face was probably the same color as my bike but at least I was too busy trying to breathe to be annoyed by my jiggling thighs – bonus!

It was all a blur of heavy breathing, sweat pouring, inner bullying to carry on – although I did compromise in some parts and lowered the tension, so if my burpee jumps look pretty shite today, you know why.

Speaking of such lets do this ..

Till next time

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