LBN Week 1 Day 1

Look Better Naked started proper today!

I sat down last night and worked out a food plan (which pretty much meant I had breakfast organised and then I was going to call into the supermarket after the gym enroute to work to get the rest of my supplies but at least I had done a shopping list thats preparation probably not quite the preparation Shantelle had in mind though when she said for us to organise ourselves on Sunday.

So I turn up to the gym fresh and untrained as instructed by Shantelle and as I was putting my gear into a locker one of the 5:30am LBN girls stopped for a chat.

Her words of “wisdom”?

“Whoah!  You think you are fit and then you do this and realise you are not – Good Luck!”

She then mentioned they went for a run!  A run!  #fml how do I get myself into these things.  I’m  now slightly concerned but I go to the circuit room to meet the rest of the LBN girls anyway because I’m epic 😉

The 7:10 am LBN girls (well women really) come in all shapes, ages and ethnicity, I eyed them all up as I walked up to the group and they all looked pretty fit which didn’t bode well for the upcoming run.

We start off with some 1 minute circuits which include weight work, body weight stuff like burpees and mountain climbers and the obligatory abs, can’t really have a program aimed at chicks without ab work – for some reason every other girl bar me loves doing abs .. go figure.

Shantelle monitored us all, changed up exercises around injuries and corrected form.  She seemed to keep a particularly beady eye on me and every time she gave out “options”apparently only the other girls got to choose and I “had” to do whatever was the most advanced variation she could come up with.  My particularly fav quote from her today was

“Yes – yes just like that – perfect!  Now just go faster”

I think her and Mr P.T must be related because he tends to say exactly the same thing ..

Next up we had the run.  Shantelle said it was a short run of about 10 minutes.  One lady in our group had to sit out the run because she was carrying an injury and Shantelle strongly suggested I sit the run out because of my achillies but I asked if I could give it a go.  When she asked what I would do if it hurt and I told her that I’d stop and come back she seemed happy with that and let me go with the group.

I haven’t run out on the road since forever! I don’t count the run that was in the Ludus Games because there was way more walking than running that day so I was curious to see how I would go.  I figured I’d just do my usual plod and bring up the back of the pack behind the “actual runners”

Shantelle explained the 1.8 (ish) k course ..

When she mentioned I’d have to run up Nelson Street I almost opted to go back and join the other injured lady – but she was on a crosstrainer on Level 12 which didn’t sound like much fun either.  Shantelle said that because it was our first day there was a one time only offer of an “out” option which meant you could cut back down Victoria Street IF you were miles behind the group OR you were dying #smallblessings

Anyway want to know something crazy?!?!

I didn’t need the out option and you know what is even crazier?!?!  I was the second one back in 9:08!!!

Apparently the don’t move extremely fast but don’t stop method of running works some days 😉

Till next time

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