The last “supper”

Tomorrow is Day 1 of my six week LBN program.

I mentioned yesterday that I made a deal with Shantelle my LBN trainer that I would follow the program to a T which means that I’m going to go from training 6-7 days a week for anywhere up to five hours a day  to training once a day five days a week *eeek*

This is a pretty big deal for me and I still break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.  James is pretty sure I won’t last but I am curious as to what will happen to my body over the six weeks so I’m really going to try and do everything by the book.

Shantelle said in yesterdays induction for everyone to eat all the crap they had at home she said it would be the only time she ever told us to eat crap.  I’m not that fussed on eating crap and because I’ve got the kidlets (and J) it’s pretty hard for me not to have ANY crap in the house so I’m not that fussed about having it in the house “tempting” me.

BUT the one thing I did want to get in before the program started “proper” was a Sunday workout because that won’t be happening again for a long long time (well six weeks – but it will seem like forever).

I thought about what I would miss most about my downturn in training and the obvious answer was copious amounts of Ludus, so although my wrist is really bad at the moment and it hurts to crawl, burpee and pushup I went anyway because next weekend it won’t be an option.

It was partner sets today which is handy as I happened to have my very own partner with me although one of the sets included piggy backing your partner around the gym. I hate being lifted off the ground I have this fear that whomever is lifting me will drop me because I’m heavy.

Everyone else seemed to be enjoying it playing cowboys miming using a lasso but I gripped onto James for dear life (oh and I did not even attempt to piggy back him, I know my limitations) 😉

By the end of the session my wrist was really shite.  So much so that I couldn’t wait to get home and ice it.  My physio can attest to the fact that I hate “the ice” so its pretty bad when I voluntarily ice injuries.   He’s probably going to be jumping for joy over this downturn in training .. I may actually get all these injuries sorted!

Join me tomorrow to hear all about Day 1, gawd I hope I’m not the slowest in the group ..

Till next time

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