You can call me lab rat

Les Mills run a womens only 6 week team training programme which they call “Look Better Naked”

I personally feel I actually look better naked than in clothes because I’m short and stocky so can look a little bulky in clothes but that is kind of beside the point 😉

I’ve seen some of the group sessions and although the marketing blurb says

LOOK BETTER NAKED® is designed with the female body in mind, targeting certain body parts like glutes (butt), thighs, calves and abs.

It looked more like an indoor civilized bootcamp something akin to Ludus/Crossfit but on a much smaller scale (the groups are limited to 8) so it’s small enough for the P.T to notice everyone but big enough that you have other people to feed off.

I won’t deny the fact I work harder in a small group setting, no one wants to come last and I’m no exception, it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with Ludus.  However the 6am session has gotten so big lately that it’s pretty easy to “hide amongst the crowd” if you are having a “I can’t be fucked” day and since there is only 1 trainer to 60 odd people you do have to self govern and push yourself which is easier said than done sometimes.

But only at Ludus can you train looking like this!

The next round of LBN sessions starts on Monday and since Iz and I have postponed our Fiji trip till July so she can have surgery on her knee I thought “heck I’ll give it a go” since I can’t afford to see Mr P.T everyday this is a way I can have a P.T kicking my arse everyday at a fraction of the price.

Although there are many LBN trainers to select from I chose Shantelle who also happens to be the head of the LBN programme. Shantelle is the ONLY reason I considered signing up for LBN.  She is one of my  fav spin instructors, she has a way of making you work way harder than you ever thought possible which at times even includes her coming down onto the floor and turning the resistance up on your spin bike!

My “other” trainer its not cheating when its a girl right?

The LBN group induction was held today.  As a group we met Shantelle, we met each other, we went through the programme outline and food guide.  We then did our fitness testing, measurements and goals.

I won’t go into great depth on the actual plan but I’ll give you a basic outline ..

Training is 3 group sessions, another 2 sessions alone which can not include weight training.  Shantelle did say that what I do with Mr P.T is fine (as she’s seen us train together) the other 2 days in the week are recovery days.  At first these days were to be complete rest days but she relented and said Yoga would be ok.

The food was pretty “normal” and was based on portions rather than calories or food group exclusion.  The only thing was we had to eat all the portions each and every day and we couldn’t save any portions for later in the week (so no saving portions to eat on the weekend).   We also have to keep a food diary and Shantelle will check it each week and if anyone in your group forgets their diary on check in day its hill spints #joy

Those of you who regularly follow my blog have realised that this is a LOT less training than I usually do. I will also tell you that the food is a lot MORE than I usually eat.

Shantelle knew I was worried because she kept saying “Julz you look concerned” as she was outlining the programme so when it was my time for measures I blurted out

“So you want me to train less AND eat more”?

Shantelle smiled and said “Yes – yes I do – please just give me these 6 weeks, trust me”

Shantelle then said “You are the perfect example to show women if they train less, eat more and give their body time to recover that huge changes can be made to your body in just six weeks”

I replied with some hesitation “OK but if I get fatter you’ll train me for free”. Without wavering she said “Deal! But you need to do everything as outlined. Let’s get photos”

13 Apr 2013 – 65.2 kgs

If she believes in LBN that much I’ll give her the six weeks.

Some of the women in my group will find the diet hard and I guess some of them will find the training hard.

Me? I’ll find holding back hardest part, but a deal is a deal.

Till next time

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