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The other day I wrote about Jeff Galloway’s Run/Walk/Run program and how I’d attempted to follow a 4:1 walk/run ratio for my 11.5 k “run”.

Well quite frankly it was shite as the running intervals always seemed to start on a hill BUT after re-reading the chapter on how to select the correct ratio for the pace that you run at (which for me was in fact a 2:1 ratio), I decided it was only fair to try it out using my correct ratio before completely writing it off.

Today’s scheduled run was 6.5k and as it is a public holiday in the city I live in, I was running from my home.  I scrolled through my Nike+ app and selected a 6.5k route that I had run previously in this area and set out to see what a difference following a 2:1 interval ratio would make.

This is the map of when I ran the route originally – it was wet underfoot as it had been raining (but wasn’t raining while I ran) and not only was it rubbish day, it was also recycling day (so double the amount of obstacles to get around).

FYI – the first 1k is a flat 500m followed by a 500m incline (I wouldn’t say hill, but it’s a steady incline), the next 1k is flat and the following 2ks are a steady downhill, from there its an undulating 1k followed by a steep incline of 1k (which I have never ever been able to run in it’s entirety) and then finally it’s flat to the end.  Apart from the hill, it’s actually quite a nice run, especially if it’s dry underfoot.

This is how it went today using the 2:1 run/walk intervals as prescribed by Jeff Halloway.

Slower – which I guess is going to happen if you go from running 4k of it, walking the hill and then run/walking the last section to walk/running the entire course.

Argh!  Honestly?  Am I supposed to run the running sections faster? Or is this type of training only useful if you are planning on running further than you can without stopping? It’s beyond me and well I’m kind of over it.

BUT I gave it a go, right?  Now I’m going back to just gritting my teeth and arguing with myself to keep moving and then when I finally throw in the white towel I’ll swap to a 2:1 run/walk ratio as per the Galloway plan rather than just walking the entire way .. lolol

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