Burpees for breakfast

(and occasionally afternoon tea). 😉

I’m siting here late on the afternoon of the 31st of January 2016 somewhat amazed that a) an entire month has passed already and b) that 16 burpees a day can fit somewhat seamlessly into your life IF you make it so.

It was relatively easy at the beginning of the month as I was on holiday and started every day with a workout at (or starting from) home, so all I had to do was 16 burpees before cooling down and stretching.

Once I returned to work it took a little time to get into a routine, especially if it’s a run day as I don’t run with anything that I can use to prop up my phone to film the burpees.

If I can find somewhere to balance the phone (or I have a husband with me to act as videographer) I’ll do my burpees before finishing my training for the day ..

If I forget or it’s pouring down with rain and I can’t find anywhere suitable to burpee I’ll do them when I get home which honestly?  I prefer NOT to do!

I have been really trying to have them done and dusted before breakfast and as the month has moved on I’m glad to say that the daily burpees became a regular part of my routine far more quickly than last years daily handstands did. *yay*

It’s kind of crazy how the general public find someone doing handstands in the middle of the city “noteworthy” but don’t even bat an eyelid at someone doing burpees.

Burpee total for January = 516   Handstand total for January = 6

Don’t forget if you want to see the videos of my burpee challenge you can subscribe to my you tube channel and I occasionally post a really sped up version on instagram (because it has a 15 second limit).

Till next time





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