Day 76 – Fun!

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to give the Level 2 Vinyasa Yoga class a go ..

Well I did and it was FUN like REALLY FUN!

There were parts I couldn’t do, parts where I couldn’t quite keep up and parts where I would bend when I was supposed to stretch, but you know other than that I was totally great 😉

Ooooo and you know the side crow pose that I used as my one thing to learn before New Years?  Well we did that in class.  I can obviously do it on one side .. I neglected to perfect the other side lol.

Anyhoo I’m thinking that “this” is the class for me, I’m all about giving the balancing poses a go and as a side note I totally suck at balancing – my tree pose looked like it was in the midst of a tornado there was so much sideways movement going on, but I can only get better – well at least I hope!

So my world now starts with Ludus and ends with some invoking of my inner zen.  They complement each other perfectly in my opinion.  A calm warrior is a strong warrior.

Speaking of Ludus we had Edz in charge today – the warm up alone was like 15 minutes so it didn’t leave me much time to get through the WOD but I was one set short of completing the set I chose from the board .. I guess that’s not bad and the warm up was pretty hard core so I’ll take that as part of my workout too.

Right onto the burpees .. I wanted to call them Les Mills burpees because these are the burpees I see people doing there.  Even their bag burpees seem to be performed like this but I thought well that’s a bit of a blanket statement to say ALL Les Mills burpee(ers) do this type so I changed the name so people don’t hate me

James wants to call them half of a half arsed burpee .. here they are

To tell you the truth – I’m pretty stretched for time these days so I’m thinking these challenge burpees may just be plain old regular ones from this point but we shall see.

Till next time

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