Day 75 – back into the swing of things

Monday morning started like all Mondays used to start ..

In the arena 🙂

I had seen other people stating on FB about how scared they were (literally) to go back this week after having three weeks off.

Not I! I was excited 🙂 (And to be fair its not like I was a machine three weeks ago, so nothing was going to be different for me) 😉 Joe was in charge and the WOD started with 100 burpees so you just know its going to be a goodie!

When I looked at the board I figured I would get to a certain point (the 35s) before I would have to duck out and race across town to get to my rpm class AND I did – I did however have to stay a wee bit later than I wanted go get it done, but I got across town and was set up on my bike at 7:09am for a 7:10 start. Awesome!

So that was the morning done and dusted.  Tank = empty.

So off I went and earned some money, you know so I can feed the kids and pay for these gym memberships and then went home to spend some time with the family before I headed off to Yoga.

I drove over to Mairangi Bay (thanks to Google Maps) and did the beginners Vinyasa class at Yoga Sanctuary. I found it easier than the two prior classes I had taken, there were no pretzel holds or balancing poses. I guess the other classes were more “general population” classes as they were held off site, so I’m going to try the Level 2 class tomorrow and see how I go.

The guide says “experience reccomended but not necessary” but you know me – I’ll give anything a go ..

Anyhoo as a result of my hectic day todays burpee challenge clip is short and sweet

Till next time

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