Pride cometh ..


I started off the week ecstatic to have reached the 60’s so the universe decided to come down on me like a tonne of bricks and I lost exactly 200 grams this week!   So time to shake things up (and shake some bootie to burn some calories). I sat down and I’ve gone through all my food and I’ve made some changes, taken some things out and replaced them with “cleaner” alternatives.  I will also try and do some interval training instead of my normal cardio so hopefully (fingers crossed) I get a decent drop this week.

On a plus side, I went shopping.  I can hear you all thinking “and …” well I can go into a shop and fit something ..actually most things! 

For someone who has either been pregnant or fat from being pregnant since 2007 thats a HUGE achievement .. and one I thoroughly enjoyed, unfortunately my post children disposable income isnt as good a shape as my post exercising body .. but I did find some bargains so the bank manager wont be too mad at me 😉

On the training front, Lavinia and I went walking up Zoo Hill and Bullock Track today, we saw a lady up ahead of us and our goal was to catch her .. and we did (we dont do anything by halves lol) then we walked down Meola Road and back to Lavnia’s place .. all in all it was a decent hours worth of cardio, oh and did I mention it was raining, I’m sure karma should give me some brownie points for walking in rain 🙂

Oo and on an exciting note, I think I’ve found my music for my routine AND I’ve found a bikini I like, now just to get my bottom small enough to fit into it 😉

Till next time xox

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2 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Hey love the outfit! And go you – I love reading your blog and I alway sget inspired by your dedication.

  2. Dal says:

    You look amazing!

    One thing – I wish we could make the photos bigger when we click on them so we can truly see how awesome you look (my eyes are not the best) thats why I need photos bigger! x

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