Who would have thought

In the two weeks and one sleep post “the twins” upgrade I’ve had a lot of time on my hands because I can’t do “anything”, well at least in terms of exercise.

I’ve found myself thinking and saying things I never thought in a million years would come out of my brain .. I thought today I may as well bore you with what goes on inside of my head when I have too much time on my hands 😉

Today’s thought’s came to me the other day when I was sitting at home having my lunch ..

Apart from the fact that the twins are not growing a human they are remarkably like a pregnant belly and I have found MANY similarities between “the twins” and “the bump”

I can no longer see my feet!

The last time I couldn’t see my feet was when I was pregnant and my belly “popped out”

I can’t sleep on my tummy …..

This one I find especially annoying!  At least James can actually fit into the bed with me unlike when I was pregnant because only my boobs have expanded.

I can now collect crumbs in my cleavage!

I wonder what happens when girls with boobies get pregnant, do the crumbs collect in the cleavage or the bump? .. on a positive note the twins are not large enough to be able to rest a plate on top of like my bump was.

My clothes don’t fit ..

Goes without saying I guess.  However I did think that my boobs would be the same size just perkier, although I will give them time to “bed in” and for now I will make do like when I had a bump and jeans didn’t fit


(and I know all you pregnant people out there can relate) ..  People have the overwhelming urge to touch the twins.

Heads up – if your female and you know me, all good. Any male other than James (or my doctor) don’t even contemplate asking. I’m thinking about asking Santa to leave me one of these for Christmas.

Till next time

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6 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    Yes crumbs (and shedding hair) get caught in your cleavage. It is uber annoying. The bra stops it heading all the way to the bump 😉
    Also people cop a feel? Wow! No words
    Finally in that cartoon of the person sleeping on the bed – what the hell is that next to them? LOL

  2. feminine fitness says:

    LOL I saw that .. I enlarged the pic and still couldn’t work it out. So to be on the safe side I’ve changed the picture (just as everyone rushes to see the “offending” picture) bahahaha x

  3. Donloree says:

    People are feeling them?!?! Wow….so not ok!!!

  4. Jo says:

    note to self: when I see Julia in Akl next April don’t try to cop a feel 😉

  5. feminine fitness says:

    See .. you’re special .. I’d let you have a prod 😉

  6. Jo says:


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