First of all I would like to say hello to Deb ..

Since it’s Wednesday I’ve got a better chance of catching her than any other day as apparently Wednesday is the day that Deb comes and reads the blog .. hmmm I wonder why 😉

Today’s wolf had never caught my eye.  I do know who he is and I even followed his progress at the Olympics where he won about a trillion medals.  I even vaguely remember the “scandal” over him smoking cannabis (heck he’s a kid, what do they expect) but thinking of him as a wolf?  Nope – not even close.

That was until I saw the following post on Facebook (yes it does seem like I spend quite a lot of time on there)!

It was the peg board that got me how strong is young Mr Mark Phelps! Strong is the new sexy in my books

and I am partial to a good set of abs ..

I wonder if Joe and Phil will get a peg board put in the arena, I’d love to give it a go!

Till next time

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