Post it notes from heaven?

I’ve met some amazing people since joining CrossfitHPU and I mean actually AMAZING, the type of people who literally change you on the inside.

It’s relatively easy (with a little education) to change someones outward appearance.  I don’t want to sound facetious but it’s not exactly aeronautical engineering is it?

However changing a person on the inside?

That’s a completely different matter, that’s in the same realm as brain surgery (and in a way I guess it is).

It takes a special kind of person to not only change the way someone looks at themselves and the world around them but to inspire that person to embrace life with a renewed sense of appreciation and purpose.

CrossfitHPU is blessed to have a few of these special types but in my year of gratitude one person in particular seems to have been given the role of my post it notes from heaven (the universe, tinkerbell, or other suitable entity that fits in with your belief system).

You see, I have noticed that since deciding I would spend 2014 actively living a more grateful life one person seems to cross my path with gentle reminders of blessings that I often overlook.

I’ll have just struggled through a wod and be disappointed in my performance when he’ll breeze past with a huge smile and compliment me on my rock star butterflies, or I’ll be at home having a Mummy moment because the kids can’t sit still for 2 minutes and I’ll see a message on my instagram about how cool my kids are that ends with “do you know how lucky you are?”

You see in theory I do know just how lucky I am, but in reality, sometimes I need a gentle reminder.

Like yesterday when I was sitting down after training and he came up and we started chatting about J and his performance at the Fran workshop last weekend.  I exclaimed how I’d never seen J squat so well and he replied

“Your husband is a rockstar!  I hope you know how lucky you are!  A rockstar!”

I’m guessing that “when he takes off his shirt – yes” is not really the answer he was hoping for, but it got me thinking about how you often take the things closest to you completely for granted.

When you live with someone day in and day out, you tend to remember all the times they left their clothes on the floor, ate all the kumara, got sidetracked when they said they were off to make a cuppa and never came back or spend what seems like an entire day in the bathroom when you are waiting to go out for a family outing.

Last night I went home and yes some of those things happened but I remembered to appreciate every one of the small things.  The coffee he made me, corralling the kids to their rooms as the news came on, turning on the fan just before I headed to bed and then this morning when he got out of bed to open the gate for me as I left for the gym.

It’s not till you consider what your life would be like without that person in it, that you truly realise just how grateful to the universe you should be for what you have.

Thank you #hashtag for unknowingly being my compass – you my friend are the rockstar x

Till next time




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