The big O

Every person I come across lately seems to have one, and one thing only on their minds (and unlike me it is not “I’d really like some dessert right now).

It’s this “little event” called …

Even J, who only occasionally laces up his Nano’s and tags along with me to the box announced  “I’m going to sign up for the open”.   At the time I thought it was a statement of fact, a declaration of his intention, but as he continued to stand in front of me looking for some kind of approval, I replied;

“Cool, you know I’m not doing it though – right?”

I guess he just looks at the pretty pictures on my blog as opposed to reading the boring black words

For those of you who missed the previous post on the Open it’s a 5 week worldwide crossfit competition held between 27 Feb and 31st March.  Crossfit HQ release one wod a week, you complete the wod (in that week) and as long as you do the wod RX you can enter a score which will give you your worldwide ranking.

You will find a multitude of posts online exclaiming the virtues of the open including this one and most boxes (mine included) encourage all of their athletes to register.   I’ve only come across one lone wolf who has openly discouraged his athletes from entering the open.

I’ve got to admit it was refreshing to see a different perspective on the subject and in my opinion he gives some sound reasoning behind his stance on the matter, I especially like this;

“Would you signup for an Ironman Tri if you can’t ride a bike, swim and can only run a 5k?

NO?, well, the OPEN is NO DIFFERENT.”

Although to be fair, that analogy can be used both ways (for and against) as I did in fact sign up for my first triathlon before I could ride a bike or swim, it just forced me to learn pronto!

My reasons for not doing the open are far more simple;

I’m cheap! 

I can hear all of you screaming “but it’s only $20.00” however that $20.00 could get me an entire weeks worth of coffee or paleo loaf, 2 mobility sessions or even 1 good old fashioned beating at Ludus.

I don’t feel the need to give it to CrossfitHQ so that they can tell me I came in 14,239th place.

At some stage I’ll end up doing the open for free (in a round a bout way) because I’m guessing the wods will be programmed into the weekly schedule at HPU sooner or later.

It’s not my idea of “fun”

150 wall balls for time?  Yeah I can think of numerous things I’d rather do – like clean the house ..

I am nowhere near proficient enough

Of last years 5 wods there was only one that I would have been able to complete in its entirety (13.2)

One of the wods I wouldn’t have been able to even start, which brings me back to point two “that’s not my idea of fun”.

I am not Rich Froning

(regardless of what this article says)

I know these days we live in a PC world where we advocate participation.   Our current education system even goes as far as teaching our kids that “it’s not about winning it’s about competing”

Well, the dictionary might have something else to say on the matter


the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others.

 The idea behind competing is to go out and win.  I’d rather train hard, get proficient then take my money and enter a crossfit competition I have at least some chance of winning!

But that’s just me … 😉

Till next time




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