The difference between on and off

I’ve had some questions in regard to my “on season” and “off season” which I thought I would address today

So here we go …

Off season I do cardio everyday and I weight train 5-6 days per week.  If your observant, you will notice that this isn’t much different to my on season 😉

I eat pretty much the same whether I am on season or off season.  However off season because I’m not trying to lose weight I get about 200-300 extra calories per day.  Mostly I chose to have these extra calories as a “treat meal” which is usually a home made burger (I’m a girl of simple pleasures).

I do however eat more fruit off season and I can afford to have something “off plan” every now and again, because I can just burn it off ..  you really can’t indulge when you are actively trying to drop weight because you have to burn off the treat, then you have to do more to burn off the stored fat.

Remember … what you eat in private, shows up in public!

What confuses most people is when they embark on their weight loss mission, they start a “diet”, however to be successful long term in your weight loss (and then maintenance), you actually need to overhaul your entire life, your mindset, your outlook in fact absolutely everything!

You see dieting doesn’t work.  Anything that you can not do for the rest of your life is a complete waste of time.  Sure you will lose weight on the eat nothing but broccoli and cheese diet, but its not something you can do forever, so what happens when you go back to “normal?” .. yep you go back to being fat (in most cases fatter).

What I’m trying to convey is that on and off season are pretty much the same, give or take a few hundred calories.  I still work out daily, I still eat the same things, this is my way of life, it makes me feel good, look good and above all else, I enjoy it.   After all I’m only human, I couldn’t sustain something I didn’t enjoy.  Why don’t you come and join the dark side 😉

Till next time


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  1. Donloree says:

    YES! No dieting. I whole heartedly agree with you on that one. Eat the way you do because its healthy and eat as much as your body needs. 🙂 Thanks for bringing that to light. 🙂

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