Show me the hand

Well well well .. five (or as Isabelle says a hand) to go till I glue myself into a sparkly bikini and don some six inch hooker heels and hope like hell I don’t break an ankle.


I'm down to counting on one hand! Five weeks!

Five weeks really means four weeks of dieting and one week of manipulating water/carbs/sodium, so really I’ve only got four weeks to shed the fat *eeek* I’d be lying if I said the thought isn’t a little bit scary .. but onwards I go.

This weekend was Ludus free (shock horror!).  My Achilles has been giving me some problems lately and on Friday during the shuttles I managed to pull it and then in my wisdom thought I would try and run through it .. (um not my most bright idea), so I hobbled around all Friday and figured I best give Ludus a rest over the weekend and start up again on Monday.

So instead .. I went to the gym early and did hammies (ouch) and my cardio was done at home on the treadmill and cross trainer while listening to Six60 far too loudly (sorry neighbors) 😉


Deadlifts = Ouch (but in a good way)

Weekends tend to be all about the kids in our house.  I suppose it comes from the “guilt” of being a working Mummy, weekends tend to be the only time I get to spend any real length of time with them so we try and do things as a family unit.

This weekend we took the kids to see the stage show Dora the Explorer, it was actually quite fun.  Isabelle loved it from start to finish, in fact she packed a typical three year old grump when it was time to go home.  Elias on the other hand was scared at first, but warmed up pretty quickly and was soon squealing Dora Dora Dora along with all the other kids.


Family Time with Dora

In “other” news, my friend Liz competed in her first show yesterday.  She has THE most amazing arse ever!  We did discuss trying to make her into a “Mr Potato Head” so that we could all borrow her arse when it was our turn to stand on stage, but we have yet to work out how we would actually transplant the “offending” body part, so obviously I will have to work on my own for this upcoming show 😉

Oh and before I forget .. five weeks looks a little something like this ….


Five weeks to go *eek*

Till next time



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3 Responses

  1. Donloree says:

    You’re looking just awesome! I am so impressed with your balance and ability to get everything in. You are amazing and that is all that is to it. 🙂

  2. Bee says:

    You look awesome Julia, can’t wait for 5wks time to see how you go 🙂

  3. Five weeks! Where is the time going?! I’m really noticing a difference in your leaness (is that a word?). Keep it up!

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