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I thought I would do a quick post on things I am trying that may help me do more pull ups (with the view of doing 10 in a row by the end of 2011).

This week I firstly tried to do as many pullups as I could (which was 4) then I switched to narrow grip (palms facing towards each other) and did more pullups.  Apparently if you can do 5 narrow grip pullups, you should be able to do 1 wide grip, so hopefully adding as many narrow grip pullups in after reaching failure with wide will help increase my strength and technique.

After trying that method I also did a couple of sets of negative.  This involved stepping up to the bar and then lowering myself down slowly.

So thats what Ive tried this week.  I will see document how many I can do on the weekend .. hopefully its half a rep more than last time lol.

On other *news*, Lavinia and I have some really random discussions when we train, everything from religion to fashion (with a few bits of gossip thrown in).  See I tend to think of really random things at really random times.  Just for fun, I will share one with you.

Why oh why do I continually lose ONE glove!  I wear them both when I train.  I take them both off at the same time, however I always lose one!  I could understand if I lost both, since they were both together .. but one?  *Argh*

(I did tell you it was random).

Till next time

PS – I have to post this photo because I spy a bicep!


I spy with my lil eye

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  1. Donloree says:

    I spy two HUGE biceps! =)

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