Friday Faves – The Bob(ettes)

This week I’m going to do something a little different.

You see there is a lovely lil lady called Donloree who lives in the Arctic (well she may as well live in the Arctic), who got together a group of like minded women to support each other on their fitness missions.

This week I’d like to share with you three of the women from the group we fondly call BOB (otherwise known as )


The "Creator"

Head BOB’er and creator of all things BOB is Donloree who has an amazing accent and could probably have filled the role of that girl on the Little Miss Sunshine movie, not that I’ve ever seen the movie, but the title of the film hopefully isn’t a red herring and the girl was in fact a little ray of sunshine.

Anyway I digress .. Donloree is a ray of sunshine!

She can be found HERE (as can a rundowns of the rest of the BOB crew)



Super Mum

Out of all the BOB girls, I probably relate to Susan the most.

We are about the same age and in the same stage in our lives .. both with young kids and trying to squeeze everything in.

I envy her arms! .. look at them.

I don’t envy the fact that she lives in a place where it snows!  She runs,  in snow, can anyone say super mum?

Susan keeps a blog, check it out HERE

I'd like ywall to meet Faith

Faith I find fascinating!

Because I’m a born and bred kiwi and the nearest beach is usually no more than a 20 min drive from where ever you are in the country I find it amazing that some people live in places where the nearest ocean is a 4 hour drive .. crazy!

LOL .. so apart from living miles away from an ocean (approx 185 miles) in Texas she has an amazing accent.  I smile every time she says “You all” because it becomes “Yawll” to my kiwi ears (and damn this girl is beautiful!)

Find out more about this southern belle HERE

I will “share” more of the Bob(ettes) as time goes on.

On other news, I’m donning a bikini tomorrow … although not a diamante encrusted one, and there will be no six inch clear hooker heels 😉

James and I are taking the kidlets to toddler swimming classes.  Isabelle started “swimming” at three months, but when we moved her swimming kind of fell to the wayside.  Elias on the other hand has never been swimming (unless you count the bathtub lol), so it will be interesting to see what he makes of it all!

I’m a little apprehensive about wearing a bikini to swim classes and shared my concerns with James last night, but he turned to me and said “Julia, you’ve worked so hard to get that body .. it seems silly to now go and spend money to cover it up” .. bless him, I knew I married him for a reason other than his REALLY hot body 😉

Till next time





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2 Responses

  1. Donloree says:

    I love this blog! And I LOVE being a Bobette! NICE!!!! Julia, you rock and you’re going to be fantastic and beautiful in that bikini. Work it girl!!!

  2. Yes, good luck with the bikini shoot. Such a great idea!

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