Miss me yesterday? 😉

So yesterday did not start out well … actually I lie a little, it started with Ludus, so that was a good, but it went downhill from there pretty quickly!

On the way from Ludus to work my car “exploded” well not really exploded, but it went pfft putt pfft putt and was having seizures similar to the ones I have after Miss Jo trains me.  So I managed to get it round the corner (I was at the lights), then thankfully there was a playground with a parking lot, so I pulled in, parked it up and called one of the boys to come and rescue me.


Jason rescued me, a tow truck rescued my VW

So I’m already running late, still need to have a shower and throw down some breakfast and get on with my work .. and then this happens ….


I was close to tears I tell you!


Of course there were nearly tears shed .. those are oats …. carbohydrate goodness, my favorite meal of the day *sigh* so I did what any girl would do .. I started work really really late and made a fresh bowl of oats!

Anyway, thankfully James arranged the tow truck because I had a management meeting yesterday and was busy busy busy.   So, here is hoping that Friday is brighter.

I’m behind on my “question and answers” (sorry) but I thought I would address this one today …

I decided “enough was enough” when Elias was four months old.  At that time I was 92 kgs which is 202 pounds.  Obviously at that stage I had no thoughts of stepping on stage, my main goal was to fit into James’ tops because I was a loooooong way off getting back into my pre pregnancy clothing.


Issy has gotten bigger, Ive gotten smaller

I’m a very goal orientated person.  I would give myself mini rewards when I ate cleanly, exercised and lost weight. Things like pedicures, manicures, fitness magazines, good coffee.  These worked for awhile but there are only so many manicures you can get excited about.  So I talked it over with my trainer, looked at the competition calender and set the audacious goal to compete before Elias turned one .. and I did it!


I did it .. but I can do better!

Even though I attained my goal, I didn’t look how I wanted to look on stage .. I knew I could do better, so this year I’ve set myself the goal to come in with a better quality package, after all muscle takes time to mature which gives you that “hard” look and I needed to fill out the skin that I had left from losing so much weight.  So its all systems go!

Well its going to be another busy weekend in the Nash household which includes a trip to see Dora the Explorer .. Issy is a little confused as to how we are all going to get into the TV, I love how a three year olds mind works!

Till next time





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3 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    Learned a really good lesson yesterday: no one’s goal is to lose weight, that is the task. The goal is to compete, or fit in to James’s tops or look fabulous – all so much more positive than losing weight. Not news I guess but feel like the scales have fallen from my eyes!

    Love the blog. See you soon. At Les Mills perhaps?!

  2. feminine fitness says:

    Or perhaps at Ludus? 😉

    Good point .. the task was to lose weight so that I could reach my goal of not stretching James’ tops ala hulk lady 😉 lol xx

  3. Donloree says:

    You are adorable!

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