Bubbles anyone?

I am pleased to report that Operation Wedding is going well.  Food has been clean and the body is being exercised so “Yay me” 😉

I’m really enjoying my second cardio session of the day.  I think because I’m not as depleted as I am during competition prep I’ve got more energy and I’m in a better mood so when James and I head out for our evening walk we can actually talk (as opposed to the grunt that he gets in reply to questions when I’m in competition mode).

I’ve told you how he nearly died of laughter when I exclaimed that my eyeballs were cold and that I thought investing in a balaclava and ski goggles would be a great idea.   He told me that there was no wind so my eyeballs could not possibly be cold.  When I explained that my walking was generating “wind” in my eyeballs because I was walking through the air and that’s how the wind was being created ..  I think the entire neighborhood could hear his cackling.

Well bless his little cotton socks because he came up with the compliment of the decade last night on our walk …

I turned to James and asked  “Do you think I’ve gotten really fat?”

He replied … “Julia, you are not fat, you are not chubby, you are not even festively plump I would definitely not describe you as having a bubbly personality” then he turned to me and said ..

“Actually scrap that, you already know you do not have a bubbly personality”

Lucky the boy is really good looking 😉

Which is the perfect segue to today’s main event

I have never watched an entire episode of TV show that this Wolf is known for.  I’ve seen snippets of it, but it has never caught my eye and if ‘m honest neither did he until I spied this pic on FB and went .. who is that fine specimen of a man.

The man with the gorgeous face above Charlie Hunnam from Son’s of Anarchy but because in the photo he has short hair I didn’t realise who it was.

He may be more recognizable like this ….

I’m not a huge fan of the hair or the beard for that fact but the body is fiiiiiiiiiine and he actually works to look like that and he is strong and that is hot hot hot!

No wonder he has the abs of a warrior!  Now if only Joe could arrange for him to come and do a Ludus session …

Till next time



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2 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    OMG! I totally didnt recognise him with short hair, I watch that show all the time too, shame its finished at the mo hehe. Oh and I get the cold eyeball thing too when out walking at the moment brrrrrrrr 😛

  2. Becks says:

    Oh I so agree, looks far better with short hair.

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