Put up or shut up

It’s no secret that I tend to talk before I think about the consequences.

So when it dawned on me that I would actually HAVE to run 10k’s at Race Two of the Albany Lakes series I will admit I was worried. Really worried!

I’ve never run longer than 45 minutes (even on a treadmill) and believe me that wasn’t anywhere near 10k’s. The furthest I’ve run is about 7k’s hence the reason for my worry. I had no idea if I could actually run that far. So today since I had no bike and had a “spare session” I thought I would attempt a 10k run.

So I donned my new running shorts – yes not only did I think I would attempt a new distance, I would attempt it in shorts! I just hoped they wouldn’t ride up and annoy the heck out of me.

(Issy and I “warming” up)

I live in a hill infested suburb so I mapped out the flattest 10k route I could find. There was only a sight rise during the first k and then a hill during the 7th.  James unhelpfully mentioned that hill would “get me” when I explained my route. I guess opening your mouth before thinking runs in our family. 😉

“Mr Unhelpful” said 70 minutes for me would be a good time. Secretly (eg I didn’t say it out loud) I thought that 65 minutes would be something I could do. That would be my “ordinary time” for the first five then a minute extra per k for the second half.

Because I run 5k’s pretty regularly AND I was running slower than normal because I was aiming for a 7 minute per k pace I knew that the first half wouldn’t be too taxing.  The little runkeeper lady in my ear kept telling me I was ahead by at least 40 seconds per k so I figured I had some time up my sleeve for the second half of the route.

The hill during the seventh k did kick my arse.  But I just kept moving and the flat k after that felt like a breeze.   The ninth kilometer was hard and the final kilometer I was thinking – please let this be over.

I have NEVER been so happy to hear the little voice in my ear say I had hit the 10k mark..  If I wasn’t so knackered I may have jumped for joy. 😉



The running shorts rocked, so much so I went and bought two more pairs while Rebel were having their long weekend sale.  They stayed put and even look pretty cute. 🙂

I’m also feeling a tad less worried about the Albany Run.  If I can just do my own run I will be ok.  If I go out too fast and try and keep up with the bunch I’ll be fu**ed.  So I’ll just have to put my earphones in and block out the world.

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Donloree says:

    Nice work lady! I love that you showed both James AND yourself up. 🙂

  2. Tenecia says:

    You know I worship you, don’t you??? 🙂


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