Tubthumping Chumbawamba Style

If the title of this blog post makes sense to you – you are showing your age 😉

Yesterday I had my first “lesson” in how to ride a bike while having your feet firmly attached to the pedals (and I do mean firmly – the first time you clip in you realise just how firmly!).

It works like this ..

  1. Clip one foot into pedal – put that pedal at approx 2 oclock.
  2. Push down on that pedal to gain forward momentum
  3. Pedal as you would if using flat pedals but put the unclipped foot on top of other pedal until you can clip in safely.
  4. Ride bike
  5. Unclip foot and stop.

I did fantastic UNTIL step five.  My stop looked like this ..

The only differences were that

  • I’m not a white middle aged woman
  • I was not wearing that ensemble – green is not my color
  • I was on grass – thank GOODNESS!

But you get the general idea.  It took me a good 30 minutes or so riding around in circles on the soft squishy knee saving grass before I got up the confidence to hit some hard stuff.  But I did it and you know what?  I’m quite proud of me!   Now onto learning how to go round corners 😉

Like the mainland cheese old dudes say .. good things take time.

Last night I got my program for the week from Coach Annette – this morning? 10k time trial .. de ja vu anyone? 😉

It had to be a different course than Sunday because its a weekday and I need to run near work.   So I ran from work down past the viaduct and along the old tank farm area and back again.  My legs were sore from the weekend and I felt “heavy” but I actually did the run about 10 seconds faster – I guess that is what a flat course will do for you.

Thankfully no more running till the weekend when on the agenda is a practice triathlon .. could be interesting.  Hmmm I wonder if James will come and cheer for me .. 😉

Till next time

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