V for Victory? .. Actually thats 4 .. for 4 more weeks 🙂

No I have not taken up golf, although if I did I would probably be yelling out four quite often!  (I never did inherit my Fathers finesse, he is the golfer in the family).

Four more weeks … seems quite hard to believe, but in fact its true!

Miss Jo casually asked what music I was using for my routine this time around.  My crooked kind of smile told her I had no idea whatsoever.  Deciding on music and choreographing a routine is probably one of the harder aspects of competing and as usual I leave it till the last minute 😉

Well that’s not really true.  I had been thinking of using “Rise Up” by Six60 but the bpm wasn’t quite right and then I just put it into the “too hard basket”.  Anyway Jo suggested I do a google search of the bpm I wanted to use and go from there .. and jackpot!  Song found in less than an hour.

Will have to put on my “nice Julia” hat and ask the boys in the studio nicely to cut it for me, the advantage of having a recording studio as one of the companies that my boss owns.

Miss Jo did my measures on Saturday before training and I’m pleased to report they are going in the right direction .. of course I still worry I won’t be ready, but I am trusting in the process afterall I’ve never been this lean before!  *Yikes*

I’m still feeling good and getting closer actually makes the dieting easier, I can see the burger at the end of the tunnel!  Still have some things to get organised before show day (like jewelery) but otherwise I think I’m pretty sorted, well that’s AFTER I get my music cut and choreograph a routine. 😉

So update pic time .. 4 weeks looks a little something like this.

Till next time



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  1. Donloree says:

    Look at those hamstrings and delts! Woot! You’re going to clean up. Top three anyone?! 🙂

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