Day 66 and it’s baaaack

Woke up this morning to be greeted by not one single cloud in the sky .. the sun wasn’t blazing but that’s because I woke up at 6am to get to a spin class (you know the one I mentioned yesterday).

Incidentally ..

Cool! (RPM that is).

The instructor did the “is anyone new here today?” and I obviously went “yeah me” so that she would come and adjust my bike for me and then take pity on me if I stopped pedaling half way through class (I didn’t by the way) ..

She (the instructor) did say “I’ve seen you before” and I just stared back blankly I thought *she remembers me from 50 million years ago when I did my last class?* then she must have remembered because she said ..

“Yes! I’ve seen you training at the other place – Ludus”

I hope she remembers me because I killed the workout .. I’m sure that’s it 😉

Anyway as you can tell from today’s photo of the day that I went straight to the liquor shop after Les Mills, grabbed cider and headed home to spend the day down a the pool – Gosh I honestly LOVE my life .. and I’m actually heading out for drinks tonight with some Ludians so this is gonna be a quickie (not that the movie maker program knows this because it’s still thinking about opening the files from this mornings 66 burpees.

Oh and for future reference – doing 66 burpees AFTER a spin class is a stupid idea, stupid stupid stupid 😉

Till next time

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