A Pat and a Plea

Operation Wedding Day Three = Success = Pat on the back for me!

Monday was a good day.  I didn’t die at Ludus or when I trained with Miss Jo.  I even lifted reasonably heavy for someone who has been a bit of a slacker lately.  I ate cleanly and went out on my evening walk with James even though it was freezing.


I was James’ evening entertainment complaining about my cold eyeballs while we were out walking, apparently he doesn’t think that me walking the streets with a balaclava and snow googles on would be a wise idea however I think it would be a brilliant solution to the near freezing temperatures (it was at least 2 degrees .. I’d appreciate no chuckles from my friends in the Arctic!)  we are having in Auckland after all its dark, who is going to see me.

I’m sure he will still want to go walking out in public with me if I dress like this … why wouldn’t he?  I wonder if balaclavas come in pink …

Anyway this morning for my cardio I went walking around Parnell.  It was actually a beautiful winters morning, cold but clear and the moon was still out at stupid o’clock so the city scape was quite breathtaking.  My tummy was rumbling so I guess that’s a good sign for my diet.  I’m on zero carbs today because I didn’t do Ludus.  I’ve tweaked the keto diet a little and allow myself carbs at breakfast if I’ve done a Ludus session .. it almost makes me want to go to Ludus every morning … but my body wouldn’t cope in its current state.

Now that I’ve done the “pat” I shall move onto the “plea”.

If you haven’t already could you PLEASE vote for my transformation on the Club Physical Real Results page.

  1. Follow the link (you can also click on the real results picture above or the like button below)
  2. Select my photo to open up my profile page.
  3. Scroll down a little until you find the like button which looks like this …

Then click on it to cast a vote for me.

I’m currently coming in second place and there is two weeks till the contest ends so if you can spare a minute I would be very grateful for your vote.

Right .. lets end the blog post on a high note .. a teaser of tomorrows offerings because I’ve come to realise that Wednesday is most highly anticipated day of the week around here 😉

I’ve got to admit this wolf is fine and I only came across him by chance and my research shows he’s fit too and strong, this one is a goodie!

Till next time

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