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Yesterday I somewhat facetiously stated that I had no f**king idea why I run, other than I said I’d do this half marathon next month and so now I have too.

However, I may have come across slightly more “totally anti all things running” than I actually am.  So, I thought I’d take a minute, drink a cuppa, have a think and then come back to clarify myself.

Now it’s true that I’ve continued running consistently because I’m doing the Coatesville Classic next month, but there’s obviously more to it than that as I’m pretty confident I could finish a half marathon (albiet very slowly and probably in pain) without training specifically for it.  I mean I’m pretty well known for deciding to do something, then not training and just turning up hoping for the best!

The simple fact is that I’ve kept running because I’m not very good at it and I quite frankly I think I should be way more capable that I am, especially when I see people who are 50kgs heavier, 50 years older or on the odd ocassion – both, fly past me as I trudge down the road.

Which is one thing I do really like about running – not all good runners look like they should be good runners – so there is hope for me yet ..

It’s weird right?  Because it’s pretty demoralizing to continue to do things that you aren’t good at day in and day out and I’m completely qualified to state that fact because I was a crossfitter. 😉

But unlike other shit that I wasn’t good at, running isn’t scary –

I’m not going to drop a heavy barbell on my head (crossfit) or fly off the bar and crash land (also crossfit).   I’m not going to drown (swimming), my feet aren’t attached to pedals (cycling) and I don’t have to squeeze into a wetsuit (triathlon) or try and walk in stupidly high heels (bodybuilding).

I mean sure, running is not all glittering fairies and unicorns – running in the dark can certainly quicken your step, as can running through a bush trail alone and I guess the chances of sliding over onto your arse when the ground is wet can be a tad disconcerting but in the scheme of things it’s a pretty safe activity that doesn’t require a huge amount of skill or equipment which you can get better at relatively quickly (in the scheme of things) IF

  1. You possess a small frame, long legs, a large heart and lungs (which I do not) OR
  2. You are willing to stay consistent and give it time .. (which (for now) I am).

Till next time



PS – We travel to Taupo tomorrow for the Great Lake Relay so if you’re still up partying at 2am, think of James who is running 16 kilometers in the dark without any training LOLOL. I’m not running until near the end of the course, so probably around lunchtime on Saturday. Send good vibes xx

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