Friday Five Time

It’s that time of the week again … where I mourn the loss of my “independence” 😉

No, just kidding.  The weekend although usually stressful, hectic and filled with tears (mostly from the kids, I haven’t got measures, so I should be ok in the tear department) is also the time when I get to spend some time being Mum.

Miss Jo has her sisters visiting Auckland this weekend, so I am trainerless this Saturday, instead Lavinia and I are going to do a catch up weight session as she was sick this week and I opted for a second set of cardio that day instead of doing weights by myself.

I’ll do the week in pictures over the weekend for you .. but for now here is the

Pretty Training Gloves


Crystal encrusted workout gloves

Love these!  I nearly ordered a pair on the spot (pink with crystals), but instead Ive put them on my Christmas wish list and Im hoping a lovely husband will get them for me.

Bikini or Bust

Miss Donloree aka Bikini or Bust

I “met” Donloree when she was prepping for her first competition.   She has created an amazing support network that I am proud to be a part of.

The Beaded Woman

The name bracelet

This site belongs to a friend of a friend.  She custom makes jewelry; one product that is really popular amongst my Mummy friends is the name bracelet.

Love a Good Deal

Grab a Deal

Grab One?  Ive grabbed more than one.  They have some really good deals, from restaurant vouchers, cupcakes, surfing, you name it they have probably done a deal for it!

Work it Out

NZ Crop and Foods website is where you can search a tonne of food and they will give you the composition of it.  What is fantastic is that you can search for whole foods (like nutrigrain) and ingredients (such as flour).

Gosh I enjoy enabling 😉

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    I am proud to have you as part of the group! 3 chin wide grip chin ups today! IMPRESSIVE and inspiring!!

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