What’s on your list?

The other day James asked what I’d like for Christmas as he’s long given up buying  me things without asking first.  Not because he doesn’t know what I like – it’s more to do with the fact that I generally end up buying the exact same thing for myself first.

Usually I’ll have a list of things I’d like – granted it’s not as long or detailed as either of the kidlets Christmas Wish Lists but nevertheless it’s a list.   This year however I drew a blank!  A complete blank!

Sure, I’d like one of those new small go pro’s BUT since I already have a go pro it seems stupid to spend that much money for something you already have and to be fair, rarely use so, even that didn’t make the list.  See?  Blank!

James just looked confused and asked when I’d become the Christmas Grinch ..

I guess about the same time I had kids and they sucked all the money of my bank account. 😉

As I didn’t want to end up with some expensive piece of tat that I probably wouldn’t use I spent the rest of the weekend thinking of things that I’d like (other than good health & world peace).

And I came up with – a tyre.

Lucky we don’t have a chimney as I’m not sure Santa would have much luck fitting one of those down it.

Till next time



PS – If any of you (Auckland based peeps) have one lying around that you no longer require feel free to hook a girl up!

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