Dry July Paleo Challenge – Day 10

How do you make eating Paleo better?

Bread! Paleo f**rking bread

Honestly the Fit Me In people really need a standing ovation because I’m finding this Paleo challenge a breeze! The food tastes devine and I’m not starving all the time.

I could definately see this being a life long thing.

This week I’ve had a few people comment that I look leaner and I’m definitely fitting into my shorts less snugly than before but my weight is pretty stable so who knows. The Dry July Paleo challenge made mention that there would be measures half way through (which would be this weekend) so I guess I’ll wait and see.

But I’m feeling happy, healthy (apart from the naff back, sore arch and bung shoulder) and my mood seems to be more stable so all in all things are going well in the land of Julia.

A couple more weeks and I’m hoping my physio will let lift heavy stuff up and throw it back down again. I miss throwing weight onto the floor from a great height *clang!*

I have to remember to place aforementioned heavy stuff down gently in the main gym when Mr P.T is around as he puts on his grumpy face and says “You are not in the box now Julz” and then proceeds to tell anyone in earshot “excuse her, shes a westie” – typical east aucklander 😉

Anyway it’s a short and sweet one today (like me) I really just wanted to show you all “my bread” which was DEVINE by the way, I honestly don’t want to know how to make it because I have a feeling I would eat an entire loaf.

Till next time

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