The great bag hunt – Week 3

Three weeks down on “The great bag hunt”.

During week one I used my Billabong medium sized duffel and I made it work without too much hassle.

For week two I used one of my “freebie” bags the large Balance duffle bag which worked a treat. It had plenty of space (my boxing gloves fit) and although it’s cumbersome to carry it fit all my stuff! lol

Anyway at the start of week three I wasn’t hugely excited about yet again transferring all my stuff from one bag to another but the bag hunt IS a month long experiment so I sucked it up and stuffed everything into my next test subject.

I used to use this bag all the time but that was before I decided to be a snob and carry my own hairdryer everywhere but everything fit just very snugly.

Well I have to admit it made one trip to the gym.  Trying to carry my food, my handbag and this backpack was just a pita and I ended up throwing all my stuff back into the huge Balance duffle ..

Well three = fail.

Oh well 2 out of 3 aint bad .. 1 more subject to go.

This week I’m going to try a wheelie bag I got one in the States a million years ago that I *think* may be “the one” only time will tell.

Till next time

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