Dry July Paleo Challenge – Day 7 – The fast

*blog has been written as diary entries through out the day*

5.30am – WTF?!?! Are you kidding me Murphy? It’s 5.30am on intermittent fasting day. Surely you could have given me a break and let me sleep in.

5.35am – Trudge down the hall to Elias’ room figuring I can watch a movie off the hard drive on his TV. Get comfy then realise my “darling husband” has taken the hard drive.

5.40am – Unhappily resign myself that I will have to go downstairs (which technically means starting my day. Set myself up on lazy boy and watch the final two episodes of GOT (I get through 1 entire episode before Elias comes up from Nanna and Poppas granny flat) – Think to myself this is going to be the longest day ever.

10.21 – I’ve busied myself clearing out the attic and photographing this weeks surplus items to lists on TM. I’m hungry ..

12.04 – It’s lunchtime J took the kids to the park about 10 minutes ago so I’m sitting in blissful silence continuing to list things on trade me. I’m not as hungry now ..

2.00 – The kids came home about an hour ago ..Mummy had to go and get Elias as he was sitting in the garden crying, we did “gardening” to calm him down. Then they all ate, yelled at each other and now they have gone off to another park and its all quiet again .. I’m hungry I have a headache (although that could be due to the noise I endured) .. this fasting thing was a dumb idea bring on the end of 24 hours.and dinner! (Oh and I’ve finished listing the TM stuff so heading to the lazy boy to watch the end of this movie).

3.00-4.30 Staring at the clock and thinking this was a farking stupid idea

5.00 I have food! (I’m also thanking my lucky stars we eat dinner early in this house!)

5.30 I am content

5:48 I’m glad that’s over. I lasted the 24 hours (because I’m stubborn) – but yeah .. this event will be like losing my virginity, its only happening once.

Till next time

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