Dry July Paleo Challenge – Day 5 (Paleo for Performance)

Last Saturday when Coach G outlined the Paleo Challenge plan he explained what to eat prior to training if we needed to perform.

Actually to be honest I’m don’t think he actually said the phrase “if we needed to perform”.  I’m pretty sure he said eat a fruit AND a fat prior to any high intensity training.

Fair enough, but the girls in the group were allocated one fat portion per day and most train twice a day (yeah I know, I know, no matter where I train I seem to befriend all the over achievers) 😉

Anyway back to the matter at hand .. one fat portion and two training sessions obviously does not go so Coach G said his preference was that we do one high intensity training session and then one low intensity training session OR we had half a portion of fruit and half a portion of fat.

All good – but what I heard with my girl ears was

“Eat the fruit and fat prior to training IF you need to perform”

To me that meant “if the training session matters” so if I had Mr P.T and he was going to do his eyebrow thing and yell and make me cry if I was a useless heap of hungry then I would eat the fruit/fat before hand

However if I was just rocking up to a boxing class I’d do it on empty because I’m there to burn some calories by smacking a bag not refining my (non existent) boxing skills.

All well and good!

I ate prior to Mr P.T which I have to say was lucky because he decided we should train like a bodybuilder till I’m rehabilitated.  I’m not used to sets of 12, all giants sets for 4 rounds these days.  But I coped even after I’d done 20 minutes worth of intervals on the treadmill.

I didn’t eat prior to boxing and I thought I was going to die and poor Pablo (the instructor) was so patient with me and my uncoordinated footwork and my quizzical looks at my gloves while I worked out which one did the “5”

So in the interest of self preservation (eg Pablo might actually decide to kill me one morning) I will try eating some fuel prior to boxing.  Maybe the advice to eat prior to high intensity training wasn’t such a “way out there” idea after all.

Oh and I’m leaning towards the yes to the intermittent fasting question – watch this space!

Till next time

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  1. Donlroee says:

    Oh the boxing! I am that way even if I DO eat fruit beforehand. I’m horrible at coordination!

    Intermittent fasting – Keep me posted. I’ve done it and hated it. But then I have definite opinions on things. 😉

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