Dry July Paleo Challenge – Day 4

I got a text from Anna yesterday with a photo that listed all her goals for the month she then asked me what mine were ..

Usually I could rattle off a long list

Hold a handstand for 10 second
Sort out this kipping palava
String 15 double unders together
Lift more – be more – do more

But since I’m an invalid and not lifting heavy shit and putting it back down (which includes my large arse) this month I really only have one goal.

To eat the paleo challenge diet as outlined by  Coach G for the entire 31 days in July – no slip ups.

I’d also like to give the intermittent fasting a go (just one day out of the seven) – James has requested that I don’t (and it’s not a compulsary part of the challenge) but I’m curious to see a) if I could do it b) what the results would be.

It’s a risk vs reward thing I guess – do I risk the chance that I’ll turn into “hulk Mum”.  The kids only get 2 full days with me and I’d prefer I wasn’t a complete arse for an entire day (although I bet even I could hold onto my sanity for at least half of the day)  .. anyway it’s on the “I’ll see” pile.

Most of you seem to have the same question

“How are you coping with the new diet?”

Honestly?  It’s a hell of a lot easier than I thought it would be – probably because I have my “secret weapon” Fit Me In who deliver 2 of my 3 main meals to the box every second day.

If it wasn’t for them I’d fall back into my “bodybuilding regime (minus the oats)” and eat the same thing day in day out and I wouldn’t last a week let alone an entire month.

I’m not even stressing about missing out on birthday cake this month.  I’m totally going out to dinner though!  I won a voucher to James Dining in Parnell thanks to my instagram addiction and they even cater for Paleoites .. when the stars are in alignment things just seem to work out.

So there it is – when my head is in the game, I’m unstoppable (big ups to Mum for my stubborn gene) I even went to the Chicks at the Flicks last night with my girls and left my wallet at home so I couldn’t buy anything and I packed Paleo snacks.  Heck I held caramel slice (three in fact) in my hand and wasn’t even tempted – long may that last!

Oh and before you all ask – The movie was “The Heat” with Melissa McCarthy (sp) and Sandra Bullock and it’s good! It’s actually a whole lot better than I thought it would be. I even managed to stay awake well past my bedtime even though I was in a comfy lazy boy chair! 😉

Till next time

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