100 days 100 burpees – Day 14 and its Anna’s turn

Anna, Anna, Anna .. where do I start?

Anna is number three in the epic adventurers. She’s the tall beautiful one who can run as fast as a Porsche .. well nearly .. she can run really really fast!

At Ludus Anna likes anything that involves jumping.

Box jumps, Tyre Jumps, Tuck Jumps, Ninja Jumps .. I guess it’s the long legs, they are good for that kind of stuff.

When I asked Anna what her favorite burpee was she answered quickly and without hesitation. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was hoping for a different one 😉

So here we go – Day 14

Till next time

PS – If there is a particular type of burpee you would like me to demonstrate feel free to let me know.

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