100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 15 is dedicated to Iz

Iz is “our” number four.

Out of the epic adventurers Iz has been at Ludus the longest and each of us remember Iz from when we first started and all three of us (Me, Anna and Sal) have the same memory – we were all intimidated by Iz 😉

She’s fit as fark and I took her on at ball wrestling once and that girl is formidable! I think one of the favorite things for the guys at Ludus to watch is Iz ball wrestling Anna or Sal .. all those girls are warriors – I on the other hand .. lets just say ball wrestling is not one of my strengths.

When I sent out the group email asking each for their favorite burpee Anna and Sal probably answered within nano seconds .. Iz thought about it (and she didn’t even know why I was asking) then she came back with two but I told her she was being greedy and she could only have one.

But cause I love her (and I’ve had two more requests for it), I will do her other favorite burpee tomorrow ..

Oh and if you have watched these videos and wonder why I always look like such a hot mess, it’s because I do these after I’ve finished my afternoon cardio session – I’m “warm” that way 🙂

Anyway lets get on with the show!

Till next time

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