100 days 100 burpees – Day 16 and voice of reason won

It’s Friday!

I should be partaking in a few drinks with my feet up unwinding after a long week but alas no .. I have to do 16 burpees …

Thankfully I don’t drink “real” coke or rum so I’m not gonna cry, but I did have a wee mope before I put on some shorts and shoes and ducked into the garage to burpee, burpee and then burpee a few more times. Well 13 more times to be exact – but who’s counting – except me 😉

If I looked half asleep in the clip it’s because I had a massage after work and now I’m super tired BUT Mike at Myohealth (which is on the Ludus premises) is amazing and manages to get all the knots out of my weary body after a hard week in the arena, so that I’m ready for the BIG weekend sessions. He’s having a special this month $1 per minute so get in quick if you want a rub down! He really is Magic Mike!

Anyway here we go – Day 16

Till next time

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