I think I could get used to this

It’s been a couple of weeks since I started training towards my “big goal” for 2012 which is complete the Taupo Half Ironman in December 2012.

Yes I know that it is an entire year away, however at the moment I can only just manage to run about 5ks without dying and considering I will have to run an entire half marathon AFTER completing the other two disciplines I need as much of a head start as I can get.

I should also mention that I can barely swim 25ms – on a plus side I look pretty good in a swimsuit thanks to the perkiness of the twins 😉

I’ve been asked a few times now if I am finding the training and “dieting” for a multi sport event hard/easy or just different and the answer is – its pretty much the same.

I still have to get up at stupid o’clock and I still have to diary everything in ..

I still have a diet plan to follow and the foods are pretty much the same.  Lots of protein for muscle mass and recovery, moderate carbs and fat.

Many multi sporters follow a high carb diet, but my nutritionist wants to ensure that during a race I won’t hit the wall once I run out of stored carbs because my body freaks out because it isn’t used to running on any other form of fuel (well that’s the plan anyway) .. I leave that stuff up to her ..

And obviously – I still have cardio to do .. it’s just a little more varied than what I am used to ..

I even still have to get my arse into the weight room.  The only difference is that I am now training for a “purpose” not just so that I look good in a bikini – but I’m hoping that I will look good in a bikini regardless.

The main difference seems to be that I want to weight train so that I am strong – a strong back and tri’s means I will swim faster, strong legs means I will run and bike faster etc, but the object is to not hold too much mass as that extra bulk is obviously harder to carry around.   Tis a fine line ..

Oh and apparently I want to be lean but not striated like a bodybuilder  .. there is that fine line again ..

Currently – I’m loving it!

I was even looking forward to my scheduled Monday morning run.  Yep you read that correctly .. me, Julia, the one who hates running looked forward to crawling out of bed at stupid oclock, donning running shoes and running!

But don’t worry – I still don’t love burpees .. the world hasn’t entirely gone haywire 😉

Till next time

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