Planning to survive

This months Fitness Blogworld topic is

“How do you keep on track through the holidays with regards to your nutrition and exercise?”

I guess its an apt topic given the time of year.

I recalled doing a blog post way back in 2009 when I first started losing the baby weight about how I was going manage “dieting” during the Christmas period and surprisingly it’s going to be pretty much the same this year.  It’s actually been pretty much the same every year since 2009.

Firstly I always do some form of cardio session on Christmas Day. Back in 2009 I couldn’t wait to try out my Christmas pressie …

Fast forward two years and Christmas Day falls on a Sunday which happens to be the “easiest” day of training I have, just one single bike session. I’d obviously prefer to get out on the road but if “life happens” I can just jump on the spin bike and get it done.

I hope its as beautiful a day as when I did my last triathlon ..

On a plus  I don’t have to worry about what I am going to eat.  Nothing is off limits.  My nutritionist has factored in a Christmas Day blow out into my food calculations for the past month.  She dropped my calories slightly so that I could use them on Christmas Day AND still reach my weight loss target – I hope she factored in enough I’m sure fry bread has about 10,000 calories per piece.

So basically I plan to eat and be merry just like the rest of you – well except Pauline Nordin ..

After reading her article on Muscle & Fitness I think she’s too hardcore to even contemplate being merry!

Till next time

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